Guinness World Records for Quitting Smoking!



I consider myself in the top of winning the award in “Stop smoking”! I should be in the Guinness World Records for my accomplishment as I have successfully stopped probably 90 times, minimum!

Quitting smoking is actually not hard. Staying stopped is actually the hard part! Is it a process that we need nicotine replacement therapy of some sorts can help, but I smoke on top of all these smoking replacement approaches. At one point my husband called it the “airplane cigarette replacement therapy” because it was one of the few time i couldn’t step out of the plane for a real smoke! LOL!

Here I am trying to smoking, again…. I looked up so many articles, blogs,… on quitting and believe me none helped me quit! Some pointed to finance after all I am pretty broke. Two packs a day in the Midwest comes to an average of $18 per day. That’s only $126 per week. Did you know I didn’t seem to worry about spending this much on cigarettes thatgave me nothing but a trained reaction while equally worrying how muchh I did spend on necessities such as groceries. WOW! This alone wasn’t enough to quit. Willpower – sure – but try getting through an addictive habit built up for over 25 years

People smoking weed are considered better than those smoking cigarettes. This blew me away. Even people high on pot appear more respected & they even look down on cig smokers. Wow!

Then I read that nicotine was only behind heroin and crack cocaine in addictive power or control over you, me…. Now this fact started to scare me; money plus such control over me.

I have been paying for a coach and she said most people do thing that are pleasurable to them. I had negatives thoughts and she said I can rewire my brain’s neural pathways to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. AHA!

Each of those millions of puffs has become linked with the various situations and emotions in my and your brain. This explains the craving. Go to the phone – smoke. First cup of coffee – smoke… Stressful situation – smoke. As if smoking really did anything for you. After a long time our brain becomes adjusted to the nicotine and it doesn’t respond the same way it had when we fist starting smoking/ This is partially behind the cravings. The brain not only grew accustom to the nicotine, but it expected it in order to function normally; as a person not smoking. There is truly no real link between smoking and the situation and feelings we think we have – we have trained our brains to think so! It’s just a form of conditioning, training and programming we put our brain through as we would train our dog to sit on command. This is the psychological addiction cigarettes have over us in addition to the physical dependence to be “normal” that together create the craving for 3-7 days – weird – ha? We did it to ourselves – I never thought that’s what I was doing to myself when I started!

So instead of giving into the cravings, immediately go to your computer or mobile device and transfer the amount you would spend buying a pack(and gasoline) into your trading account. Now you should have not only gotten over the craving, but you’ve done something good for yourself!

Now, you will slowly grow money to trade and simple math tells us 10% of $500 as $50 is to 10% on a $1000 ( a couple of months for medium smoker) is $100. Just think or rewiring your brain to be joyous as cigarette when you your trading accounts grow, if not for good choices, for your putting money into it. If it fails – no worry – you are fine! You still are putting what you spent on cigarettes into your trading account. Learn what you did to lose so much and try another approach! I will cover trading approaches on another website –!

I hope this information helps you not to beat yourself up for being the best quitter but instead helps your trading instead.