Part 1 – Perceptions – The Start


There is only one accurate description of Corporate America—heartless and uncaring of anybody that needs help, or a job, even if you’re fully capable of working.

Somebody who I was once close to told me this, after I lost the job… “What ‘support’ do you think you need? I couldn’t get you the job at WM after the interview— staying or going wouldn’t have changed the outcome. I asked you to present on NGLs, you gave us a blow by blow of xx’s [unnamed company decribed below] environmental issues. That had nothing to do with your physical condition – you just didn’t follow my advice. You also didn’t send your slides ahead of time. Those are basic things that needed to happen that didn’t. My opinion was assumed to be a yes so there wasn’t even really a need for me to be in the interview at all...”

This person knew that I had a severe injury, weeks in advance, she had even recommended the “best” hospital in Houston that I drive to since I couldn’t walk and was in a city alone consulting for this “big corporation”.  Of course, this “top hospital” misdiagnosed my injury, only prescribing me pain killers and PT, saying it was a pulled hamstring!

Not one person at the interview offered any kind of assistance, even after I had said I took hydrocodone and hadn’t slept several nights due to the excruciating, agonizing lower back pain.

The interviewers allowed me to continue even after I told them of my condition; unslept, in pain with several ruptured lumbar disks. Unfortunately, I made a complete fool of myself instead and I couldn’t know better; when does one full of pain killer and unslept make a good decision when no one is around to offer an ear or a drive to a doctor that can properly diagnose a severe back condition to a hamstring?  Unfortunately, cruelly or uncaring, they allowed me to continue, instead of helping or showing any kind of mercy that I had asked before I began.

All I remember is falling asleep to wake to a man asking me a question to put together a business plan together, then blacking out again. I’m still not sure how I made it home, I know that they even let me drive back to the apartment, unaided, alone.

I ended up needing three corrective surgeries in seven months to correct the back issue, including multi-level back fusion, but they wouldn’t consider hiring me due to my “poor judgment” and “who hires a cripple”.

Has anyone been in so much pain due to a doctor’s misdiagnosis (Houston Orthopedic Hospital, by the way)? I should have been in the operating room, not writing reports or presentations for an interview.

Now I saved lives at [unnamed company] by discovering a sludge, that if it were to come down the pipe it formed in, would have at minimum destroyed the plant, but also killed all of the operators working there. I had found a miscalculation by my boss for a plant expansion that would overfill a well with a toxin, to kill the town next to the well if it happened. The plant expansion proceeded, but they changed pipelines around to lower the toxic vapor flow to the acid gas injection well. Later with lies in hand, I was informed my services were no longer needed.

It was my mistake, I didn’t go with the corporate policy of the VP who had never worked in the Natural Gas industry, after all, he had never worked in a gas plant let alone run one? People quit all the time due to the dangers and the decisions of not shutting plants down because of the loss of profit. Today, I am aware I should have let everything go unnoticed, and let people get injured or worse, die(!), to keep my job. Instead of acting like a person with ethics, integrity, and compassion.

Now, 6 months after this, I accepted a position as a trainer for an industry-renowned company, on the condition I would use my associate’s slides, as there simply wasn’t enough time to prepare hundreds of slides myself. However, this particular psychopath had a change of heart, selfishly deciding not to share her slides, just in case she would use them in her future.

The fatigue I felt after composing several hundred slides in a week, I wasn’t able to speak well. I lost not only the months of work while dealing with family issues and my house burning down, but this also meant the loss of the income I was supposed to receive, and any future income after that. I have been out of work since and now I see no chance of ever getting a job.

People recommend me switch to another field, but age, experience, 12 years education, exhaustion, but age, exhaustion, and doors are closing. I have no more will or belief in the American system to help women when they ask for help or do what is right.

Am I so wrong for what I did? Is this a portrait of corporate America – full of heartless and uncaring of persons who look out only for their jobs, and uncaring of anyone else?

Look out for part 2 coming soon.